• GuMao Spinning and Weaving



    Shantou GuMao Textile Co., Ltd. is located in the famous underwear town of China. Founded in 1997, the company has beautiful environment and is a modern garden factory with convenient transportation and excellent geographical location.

    GuMao company has four major production and Undertakings Department of underwear production: seamless underwear Undertakings Department, bra underwear suit production department, spun yarn department, warp knitted flower surface Department, a large number of marketing and management personnel. The seamless sector adopts Italy San Tony complete set of seamless underwear equipment, with more than 50 machines with about 1000000 pieces per month and complete product type. It is one of the most popular products in the world. The company has purchased a number of Italy Santa Ni advanced ammonia seamless machines, which are mainly used to improve the use of raw materials and refined products without slit products. Degree, product feel excellent and upper body comfort significantly improved. The production department of bra underwear suit has about 200000 sets of monthly output, novel style, exquisite workmanship and comfortable shape. Its development products have been favored by customers and the ideal partners of various professional trading companies. The spinning department has more than 100 sets of spinning machines, more than 200 tons of monthly output, and the professional production of various seamless underwear covering yarn series; The Department is also equipped with the German Karl Mayer Larcher RSJ4/1 warp knitting machine multi set, specializing in the production of high quality elastic and inelastic underwear fabric and Jara lace, development ability and quality requirements in the leading level.

    With a forward-looking product design, outstanding product quality and noble business reputation, the company has created a global underwear brand with strong capital and management strength, advanced business philosophy and business model, leading fashion concept and strong promotion team, and complete logistics transportation network and so on. Supporting ability.

    After many years of development and operation, Gu Mao Co., based on "Gu Mao" brand, is based on the market. In the name of "China's famous brand products", it has won the title of "Guangdong famous brand" and has become the main producer of "China's knitted underwear town".